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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Signature Keychain, Bracelet, Hp Assesories and now we have COUPLE KEYCHAINS, KEYCHAIN CLIP, RING, & PENDANT!

Hai There,

Thank you for browsing through Batekchic. We appreciate it! We have been busy with awesome orders and enquiry that we have little time to update our blog. We would like to share some other cool items for signature keychain and some examples of statements that you can express to your loved ones through this cute, simple and affordable items!

A simple meaningful one - I LOVE U
A cute heavy words - SWEET GIRL 
Cute keychain that goes with your car
Simple but nice

There's lots of designs that u and me can explore to suit your appetite!

COUPLE KEYCHAIN + add in your name and your couple's name
for him and for her

Thicker band
Steel band
Handphone String

Pendant - the string comes in variety - we will update soon.

Hanger - easier to attach your keychains + keys to your bag!
Cute Ring.

Letter Update!
Letter Code: Fancy
Price Each RM1.20

Interested in doing your own small bussiness with this signature keychain?
Email to us - we have pack up the starter pack for you!

1 comment:

  1. Does the starter pack include the bmw and honda too?!